Romans 10:15 (ESV)

How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news.


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 About International Education Mission:

International Education Services was founded to evangelize while teaching English to spiritually and physically impoverished people in under developed countries. English as a second language provides opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and destructive life choices.

In a land of spiritual and material poverty most have little hope of productive lives and many end up as prostitutes, thieves and beggars.  Those who learn English have a greater opportunity to live healthy and productive lives.  Most of this population is also lacking a relationship with Jesus Christ and through “Fishers of Men – Asia” we reach out and teach about Jesus.  “Fishers of Men – Asia” is a ministry whose mission is to share the saving knowledge of the Lord, Jesus Christ, in a country where a majority of the population is Buddhist.  We are seeking to reach the next generation and give them hope by helping them prepare for career options with good wages.  This program helps now and most importantly for eternal benefits in the life to come.

Most of the ministry effort is spent teaching English as a volunteer to poor children, orphans and university students.  Most of the English teaching is through stories from the Bible and from “Roman Road to Salvation”.

International Education Mission seeks out opportunities to share Jesus by investing in the lives of students, children and their families.  Time and patience is necessary to earn their trust and respect.


Service Opportunities – Ways to Bless, Volunteer, and Support:


Volunteer Opportunities:
Fundraising Event Planning and Administration
School and Orphanage Equipment and Supply Donations
Develop Scholarship Program for Medical Support
Prayer: Letters to encourage and support ministry team. Pray for wisdom and ability of students to learn English and understand God’s message.  Prayer for Physical Health And Safety of ministry team including Christian Friends that Understand English and Protection from Government
 To Volunteer:  Contact Tapestry Partners International (440) 263-7406